The Asterstones are powerful mystical gems discovered by the Shodai that power the Everglyphs. Originally found on a mysterious planet at the far reaches of space in the stardate 6724, the Asterstones were the only objects recovered after a Shodai crew’s encounter with an otherworldly force they dubbed β€œThe All.”

Between stardate 6724 and 6793, the Shodai ran extensive experiments on the Asterstones. This research was highly classified and performed in remote Shodai outposts on fringe planets accessible only to those with the highest clearance level. The primary function of these experiments was to attempt to make contact with spiritual planes of existence, like the one discovered by the crew that encountered β€œThe All.”

After Jirel’s creation of the Everglyphs, the Asterstones main use became bonding to souls from β€œThe All.” The soul-infused Asterstones combined with the Everglyphs created the formidable Everai warriors that were the primary line of defense against the Exoswarm threat.

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