The Source

Chapter 1: Life Beyond The Stars

Captain’s Log, Star Date 6274-2

Still no traces of the S.O.S. beacon we had detected earlier. I’m beginning to wonder if there was perhaps an error with our monitoring systems, but then again, I’m in no rush to head back to the ship. No matter how many times I’m up here, I still find myself astounded by the sheer vastness of space. Well, this time feels a little bit different.

We’re making history, reaching out beyond our stars as far as our ships take us, going where no soul has gone before, to the furthermost reaches of space. I’ve sought out these voyages my whole life, always yearning for more, and always ready to explore beyond what we know… yet I can’t help to always wonder. Will we finally discover signs of other life out here? And if so…are they benevolent? Or maybe… hm, no. No time for entertaining these thoughts. I must focus.

Regardless, I must ensure a safe return for my crew. As captain, it’s my duty to determine the next course of action. Unless that mysterious beacon comes back up, there’s nothing for us to do. We —

Hold on! I’ve got the signal again. It’s weak, but it’s coming in. We’re tracing it back to a world a few pings from here. Time to alert the crew. Today we make history.

[to be continued]

Chapter 2: Death’s Door

Captain’s Log, Star Date 6275-3

We’ve crash landed on a desert world. In searching for the S.O.S. beacon, we were blindsided by the planet's inverted magnetic field. Our systems were unable to adjust in time, but we managed to survive the emergency landing. Barely.

With our ship damaged, we ventured deep into the deserts retrieving any salvageable parts. During our trek, we encountered a desolate, ancient structure that appears intact. Whoever built it tucked it away in a valley concealed by towering rocks. Given by the appearance of smaller statutes aligned along the path, it appears to be a shrine.

Small statues lined upon the path. It appears to be a shrine.

Who built it? Where are they now? My crew says it feels otherworldly there… I’m inclined to believe.

So many questions waiting to be answered. Answers that my crew and I will provide in due time, however time is a luxury we can't afford right now. I marked it in our systems for future Shodai to revisit. For now, we’ll collect samples and contend with our curiosity.

Back at the ship, they’re trying to initiate the launch sequence. Yet we need a bit more time for the thrusters to restart. With life support running on fumes, it’s looking grim. The heat and harsh sting of the sands certainly don’t help the situation. I’m trying to remain steadfast for my crew as we rebuild this ship, but it’s… hard.

I can’t… get those accursed ruins out of my head. I can hear them whisper to me on the fringe of consciousness.

I can’t explain it. Perhaps I’m more tired than I thought. I don’t know. Oxygen’s low. I should probably rest and conserve my energy.

[to be continued]

Chapter 3: After The Afterlife

Captain’s Log, Star Date 6724

We’ve died, yet somehow we’re aboard our ship, in orbit. Nobody has spoken for hours now. Not since we’ve confirmed our stories.

We’ve died. We died. And then… we were reborn.

On that desert planet, we saw behind the curtain. We came face to face with something unexplainable. We’ve all dubbed it “The All”. It’s impossible to describe with words, but it felt…like an end, followed by a new beginning.

We could barely comprehend what we were seeing. Taking in its energy was like trying to pour a waterfall into a cup. We all feel so full, yet so empty all at once. All the answers to the universes’ questions, everything and anything were within reach, and then at the very last moment with our arms outstretched, we awoke here. On the ship. Safe, but forever changed.

I’ll never forget the words spoken to us within that otherworldly realm. We heard a voice, no. Several voices melded together, overlapping in all ways possible, yet in unification somehow. It uttered the words, “We have seen the end of the roads you now embark down. We have seen the trials and tribulations you will unleash upon the world. We see the destruction of all you know and the construction of all you have yet to achieve. You are not ready to die…yet.”

What does this all mean? How can we go back? How can we build a bridge between worlds? Thankfully The All didn’t leave us with nothing. We found our cargo bay full of mysterious gems emitting an energy that feels all too familiar to The All. They must be the key.We’ll take these back to base and begin studying them right away. There’s so much more beyond our own universe, and we must continue exploring. We’ll chart a new path for the destiny of our people. That’s my promise.


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