Iso was a remote planet on the edge of the Shodai Alliance and the first planet to be consumed by the Exoswarm. A dangerous, harsh, and unforgiving planet, Iso was declared uninhabitable and therefore unworthy of terraforming by the Shodai Alliance. The crust of the planet itself is made up of incredibly hard, igneous rock formed over millennia by abundant volcanic activity. The planet is surrounded by a ring of mineral debris that frequently crashes down to the surface in massive crystalline structures. Beneath the surface of Iso lies a complex network of caverns. Rivers of magma from the planet’s volcano system flow through the caves causing the heat to be unbearable. Iso has one small moon orbiting it, which was the location of Jirel’s private laboratory and the birthplace of Duo.

Because to its inhospitable conditions Iso was chosen as the location for one of the top secret Asterstone research outposts by the Shodai High Counsel. The last transmissions from a Shodai scout based at this outpost revealed that the Asterstone experiments tampered with the fabric of reality and released the Exoswarm into the Shodai’s plane of existence.

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