Mobile Space Colony for the New Shodai Civlization

The Arks are massive transport ships designed by the Shodai to safely evacuate their homeworld Vikare during the Exoswarm invasion. The Ark Program was approved by the Shodai High Counsel once it was clear that a contingency plan was needed should the Shodai lose the war against the Exoswarm. Designed to blend into the cityscape, the Arks were built to look like skyscrapers when in their grounded position. The vessel’s enormous engines are underground and the Ark is surrounded by concentric rings buried at ground level. These rings usually have some kind of garden or light landscaping inbetween them, but when an Ark takes off the engines roar to life and the ground between the rings collapses into the pit around the engines. Once the Ark is freed from this stationary position, it is ready for take off.

In addition to functioning as living quarters and intergalactic vessels, each Ark was built with a specific cultural and/or sociological purpose in mind. For instance, one of the Arks is populated entirely by cryogenically frozen Shodai infants and is meant to keep the hope for the future of the Shodai civilization alive.

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