Urias was a core planet in the Shodai Alliance that acted as a central hub for commerce and trade but became most notable as the site of a decisive Shodai last stand. While at one point its population rivaled even that of Vikare, many Shodai fled Urias shortly before the Exoswarm invaded the planet. While much of Urias was covered in Shodai cities such as the bustling spaceport of Shypoto, there were parts of the planet that remained untouched. One such area was the Razorwind Valley, situated between two large mountain ranges on the East hemisphere of Urias.

It was here in the Razorwind Valley that the Everai and Pilots stationed on Urias staged a final blockade to keep the Exoswarm at bay. Knowing that once the Exoswarm breached Urias it was only a matter of time before Vikare fell, Captain Rena and her Pilots formed a plan to buy just enough time to send word to Vikare that the evacuation on the Arks needed to be pushed ahead of schedule. The brave sacrifice of the Everai and Pilots on Urias are the only reason the Neo Shodai were given a chance at a new future.

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