Solis is an artificial intelligence that was responsible for managing all necessary functions and processes on the Neo Shodai Ark. Created by the Shodai High Council, Solis is the most highly advanced AI ever created by the Shodai and was designed to ensure the safe delivery of the Neo Shodai infants to their new homeworld no matter how long the journey might take. One of Solis’ most crucial capabilities is their planetary scanning system, a program Solis can run while in the atmosphere of a planet to gather quick top line data about the planet’s capability to sustain life. Before the Neo Shodai Ark discovered new solar systems in the stardate 55 GD, Solis spent most of their time working with Jirel and the Sages on various knowledge building exercises. Since Solis’ database is the most comprehensive and detailed collection of information ever put together, the Sages became experts in almost all fields of knowledge. Solis is also powerful enough to run the complex Origin Program, an interactive augmented reality training protocol for Neo Shodai Pilots.

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