The Everglyphs are small, prism shaped technological devices used by the Shodai Pilots that house the Everai. The Everglyphs serve as conduits for the Asterstones, extradimensional gems of great power. The Everglyph project was created in secret by Jirel in his private laboratory on the moon of Iso while he simultaneously worked with fellow Shodai scientists studying the Asterstones and their connection to other dimensions. Jirel originally designed the Everglyph as a way to bridge the chasm between worlds and bring his deceased mother back into the world of the living. After months of failed experiments, the first successful Everglyph was created in a moment of desperation when Jirel bonded the soul of his brother Enith to an Asterstone and transformed him into the first Everai, Duo.

Shortly after this success, Jirel created the Everai Program and worked with a team of Shodai scientists to create more Everglyphs using Asterstones bonded to souls from a place beyond their own dimension known only as β€œThe All.” The process of creating Everglyphs is incredibly complex, unpredictable, and dangerous. In the end, Jirel and his team created 7,776 additional Everglyphs.

Everglyphs can only be used by Pilots, Shodai who have synced with the Everglyph and work in tandem with the Everai housed within. While most Everai only ever bond with one Pilot and exist only until that Pilot’s death, a select few are capable of bonding with multiple Pilots. This allows certain Everai to work with multiple generations of Shodai or Neo Shodai. When a Pilot passes and no other Pilot can be bonded, the Sages destroy the Everglyph and Asterstone in a sacred ceremony that frees the Everai soul within and sends it back to β€œThe All.”

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