The Shodai are a highly advanced, spacefaring humanoid species. Hailing from their homeworld of Vikare, the Shodai eventually traversed all of the known universe and brought various alien species, planets, and cultures under the same banner known as The Shodai Alliance. Until the Exoswarm invasion, the Shodai had no tenable threat against their civilization. Therefore, Shodai culture was incredibly peaceful and focused on spreading prosperity and knowledge throughout the universe.

The Shodai were governed by an elected legislative body known as the Shodai High Counsel. It was this Counsel that greenlit the study of the Asterstones as well as initiated the Novaburst, a weapon of unimaginable power that destroyed Vikare and all surrounding planets. Even after the Novaburst, the Shodai culture was preserved via the Sages aboard the Arks.

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