The Exoswarm

The Exoswarm is an extra dimensional entity that consumes all in its path. An enemy with no goals other than total annihilation, the Exoswarm was responsible for the destruction of the entire known universe. In its natural state, the Exoswarm takes no concrete shape, existing instead as a series of inky black figures that absorb all matter into their forms. However, a side effect of this consumption causes any sentient creatures consumed by the Exoswarm to become a part of its hivemind. These creatures are known as Corrupted and are extensions of the Exoswarm itself.

Little is known about where the Exoswarm originated from. What can be confirmed is that a metaphysical Door to their realm existed on the planet Iso and was opened due to the energy given off by experimentation with the Asterstones. The Asterstones are the bridge that connect realities, and therefore tampering with them can lead to tearing the fabric of spacetime. In the case of the Exoswarm, the Door was opened and immediately released a seemingly endless swarm of inky black masses that wrapped themselves around the outside of all physical matter they touched and consumed it whole (hence the name Exoswarm).

The Exoswarm was last seen during the evacuation of Vikare after having consumed every planet in the Shodai Alliance and the rest of the known universe. In a last ditch effort to end the Exoswarm threat, the Shodai High Council authorized the use of a superweapon known as the Nova Burst. Turning their sun into a bomb, this Nova Burst wiped out the entire Vikare system and presumably the Exoswarm. While the Exoswarm have not been sighted for hundreds of years, the Neo Shodai still fear its return.

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