💾Origin Program

The Origin Program was an academic training protocol designed to teach the Neo Shodai Pilots about key moments from Shodai/Everai history. The Sages (under direction of the Shodai High Counsel) created the Origin Program as a subprotocol of the Ark Program in order to ensure the continuation of Shodai culture. In addition to the same extensive combat exercises that the original Shodai Pilots went through, Neo Shodai Pilots were also mandated to go through the Origin Program as a way to help to strengthen the mental and spiritual connection to their Everai by allowing them to experience the simulations together.

Using data devices known as Memory Cores, the Sages stored pivotal Shodai events and practices sourced from various transmissions across hundreds of years. These Memory Cores gave the Pilots and Everai access to an Archive, an augmented reality simulation that allowed the user to experience the Shodai story within. The Origin Program focused on moments highlighting the connection between the Shodai and the Everai, such as the discovery of the Asterstones, the creation of the first Everai, and the Battle of Urias.

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