“I am who I always have been”

Chapter 1: Who Am I?

….where… am I? ….what happened?

I remember sirens. An explosion aboard a ship. I was…am…who was I? I can’t recall these memories. As much as I try to remember, the moments slip through my grasp like sand in the wind.

Perhaps my mind is fractured.

I am fortunate to have a form here, but I can't feel my body. This place has robbed me of my senses. A void, surrounded by foreign, complex patterns. Strange prisms float past me, drawn to the horizon in the distance.

I find myself adrift in this endless void, drawn to the horizon just out of view. Try as I may, it pulls me closer, steadily, and gently.

Is this the end? Have I died? If I am to know for certain, I must find my way out of this place. Once I accomplish that, I can find out what happened. More importantly… why it happened.

If I follow these strange shapes, perhaps I can find a means of escaping…

[to be continued]

Chapter 2: The Man Named Enith

I have made it beyond the horizon. During my journey, these memories have seeped back into my mind, where they should be. Familiar. I’ve been able to reclaim some of my memories. I was a soldier. I was called Enith. And I should be dead.

Instead, I am here in this…nothingness. Occasionally I’ll catch glimpses of images in this digital landscape. A house by the sea where two children wrestle. Some kind of academy where young soldiers train. A stern looking man speaking down to some naive boys. Was this… my life?

My form here is fragmenting, piece by piece. An arm here, a foot there, broken down as if made of deleted data. It feels as if I'm fading away, yet.. I feel myself becoming whole elsewhere. Is this the reason that I am here? To be dissected. Wait.

My being. My memories. Are they…am I…being… uploaded? Is that even possible?

Whatever is happening to me, one thing is for certain: I must hold onto these digital visions if I wish to retain any sense of self. It’s a struggle to retain them, as they rise and fall seemingly at random like the ocean waves outside my childhood window…

Memories. These are my memories. While my body is being torn apart, my mind is trying to rebuild itself. These memories are who I was, who I am, and who I will be. I will not let go of them.

I see another forming in front of me. A vehicle of some sort. A transport ship. The explosion…and my brother! He was with me when we escaped. I have to get back to him, he’as all I have left.

[to be continued]

Chapter 3: And The Hero Named Duo

I understand now. I exist because of my brother’s work, his dedication. I thought I died protecting him but he is the one who has given me a second life.

While I’ve drifted in this digital landscape, my brother, Jirel has worked tirelessly on the outside to build me a vessel for my being. At this moment I exist between life and death tethered to this world through something they call Asterstones. It feels alien, but I am assured that this will pass, not because it can, but because it must. If I am to seize this opportunity I must endure this process.

I have grown beyond my past self. I must use this newfound power to protect others from suffering the same fate. Even if I must crawl I will continue to move closer toward my goal.

If I am successful I will be the first of many. A new warrior is needed, not one driven by pride but of humility. This new procedure will connect my brother and I together, two halves acting as one. He shall be my pilot and I his protector and as we march toward this new dawn we will blaze a path for others to follow.

That is my mission and my promise. That is all I have left. Enith is no more, I am now Duo.

Now, think. Feel. Move. Your. Body.


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