Nova Burst

“If only we had more time”

Chapter 1: Sending Wishes

The Exoswarm has finally made it to Vikare, our homeworld. As we speak, evacuations continue across the planet. Our entire military has been deployed to relentlessly defend the boarding civilians.

In order to assist with evacuations, command has deployed all our Starfighters, including our Aces, to clear the skies. Assuming each Ace is able to take down at least forty, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Oh, and retreat is not an option. No pressure.

Thankfully we prepared for this moment. In addition to building the Arks, we’ve upgraded our fleet of starships with the new Terminal Repulsion System, TRS. This new enhancement affords us to travel at much greater speeds, while seamlessly moving from planetary to orbital combat. Just perfect for this situation.

The area is beginning to clear out, which means I can start making my way to the rendezvous point. I’d celebrate a job well done, but the latest orders from HQ means that we must have lost.

“The Arks are to make an emergency jump. We’re activating the Nova Burst.”

Chapter 2: Upon A Star

The Nova Burst. A bomb rumored to have so much power, it could wipe out a solar system. Our last resort initiated, with minutes to spare.

The best we can do now is clear a path for the Arks and following transport ships to make their deep space jump. We remaining ships have taken to the sky in order to achieve this goal, however the Exoswarm have a way of making things difficult. Even now as our ships try to escape, the enemy has gathered their forces in lower orbit as a means to block our exit.

The forces awaiting us litter the night sky with a barrage of blasts. I’m able to dodge a few and come out with minimal damage, but I can’t say my wingmen were as lucky. With the blast imminent, we can’t afford to mourn our fallen. All we can do is save the living.

If I skip my rendezvous, I can head back into lower orbit and help any stragglers. Of course I’d risk missing the jump and getting caught in the blast, but the situation doesn’t leave me with much choice.

Ugh. I hate myself sometimes.

“This is Onyx-5 pinging Transport 57, I’m coming in hot.”

[To Be Continued]

Chapter 3: We Light The Way

My ship has taken on heavy damage, thrusters are at half output, my right blaster is shot, and my jump drive is damaged. I must have taken down hundreds of these bastards, yet they keep coming. Judging from their flight path, most of them already left the surface in pursuit of the fleeing ships.

Looks like they’ve fully committed to stopping our escape, despite the impending blast from the Nova Burst. They want our extinction, even if they die in the process.

We’ve got 45 seconds until the Nova Burst disintegrates everything in the area. No jump drive means I can’t put distance between myself and the blast. Right now if I want to survive this, I need to not only clear the rest of this path, but also make it aboard the nearest transport ship in time.

No sweat. Just have to be precise with this.

30 seconds left.

Another dozen enemies down. The blast is beginning to make everything harder to see. Guess this is my shot to sneak aboard and escape. It’s going to be closer than I’d like, but I have to stay calm. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

I see the hangar doors!

15 seconds left.

If I can just get aboard, we can jump. Not enough time to be picky about where we end up.

10 seconds left.

Coming in too fast, going to have to crash land this baby. Almost there…..and…..


“Go! Go! Go!”

5 seconds left!

“This is Onyx-5 safely aboard Transport 57 preparing for blind jump. I repeat, we have safely made it about Transport 57, preparing to blind jump. We’ll join the Arks at the rendezvous.”


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