Diri was one of the ten genetically modified Sages placed on the Neo Shodai Ark. Being a natural protector, Diri was inclined to spend her time on the Ark specializing in the field of medicine. She worked closely with Jirel to build an encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy, pharmacology, and surgery. After Jirel passed, Diri spent her days monitoring the Neo Shodai cryochamber data provided from the Ark’s AI Solis. Her constant care for the health and wellbeing of the Neo Shodai both before and after their awakening would grant her the title of β€œMother of the Neo Shodai.” She was an expert surgeon as well as a skilled fighter and became known as being β€œas adept with a scalpel as she was with a sword.” As a Pilot Diri and her Everai were frequently sent on exploratory missions to whatever new, unknown planets Solis scanned that could sustain life. Diri was known to patch up her fellow Sages after encounters with various aggressive wildlife. It was often said that without Diri, the Sages would have died much earlier in their expedition.

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