The Sages are genetically altered Shodai that act as spiritual leaders, keepers of culture, and protectors of the future. The first Sages were acolytes of β€œThe All” who dedicated their lives to serving as spiritual guides for Pilots and Everai. Other than the Shodai scientists behind the Everglyphs, no other Shodai have a deeper understanding of the Asterstones. During the construction of the Arks, the Shodai High Counsel needed a way to ensure Shodai customs and culture would be carried on and passed down to the Neo Shodai generations. This idea manifested in genetically altering a select few Sages who had a particularly strong connection to "The All". These Sages would have extended lifespans as well as the superior strength and stamina needed to protect the Neo Shodai from any threats they might encounter. With the Shodai High Counsel obliterated during the Nova Burst event, the Sages also have governing rights aboard the Arks.

With the entire surviving Shodai population in cryosleep aboard the Arks, the Sages were the only Shodai who experienced life aboard the Arks. During the hundreds of years that the Shodai searched for a new homeworld, the Sages went on many adventures throughout unknown corners of the universe.

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