Neo Shodai

The term β€œNeo Shodai'' refers to the generation of Shodai that were placed on the Ark as infants and raised on their new homeworld after The Great Departure from Vikare. The Neo Shodai have never seen the Shodai homeworld of Vikare or any planets in the Shodai Alliance before they were all consumed by the Exoswarm. Therefore, the Neo Shodai view their predecessors the Shodai as an epic, all powerful, almost mythical civilization.

When the Ark carrying the Neo Shodai infants made an emergency crash landing on the nearest planet, the Sages aboard used whatever technology they could salvage from the wreck to start constructing a new city around the Ark. Due to their damaged communications systems, the Neo Shodai Ark was never able to reach out to the other Arks scattered around the universe. Because of this, the Neo Shodai have a far less technologically advanced society than their predecessors. Their capital city utilizes both old Shodai technology as well as the natural resources around them. The Neo Shodai named their new homeworld Rena, in honor of the heroic Shodai captain whose last stand at Urias bought the Arks enough time to launch before a full scale invasion from the Exoswarm.

The Neo Shodai have called Rena their homeworld for nearly 200 years and in that time have built a new society with different rules and infrastructures from their Shodai ancestors. The society is built on a caste system where the Sages are at the top, followed by warriors, scientists, merchants and artisans in descending order. At the bottom of the system are the Outcasts, those who have fallen out of grace by acting against the group or failing to provide value. During the early years of the Neo Shodai civilization conflicts arose and separations in the community led to new villages and cities being built. While some of these territories became hostile and in-fighting amongst the Neo Shodai began, all of the communities of Rena are currently on friendly terms.

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