The Fallen Home

Planet: Shodai Homeworld

What We Sacrificed

Utilizing a memory core, pilots are able to synchronize with their Everai to enter into the Origin Program. Upon awakening in the program, they find themselves standing on the remnants of the destroyed Shodai homeworld. This is the last recorded image of their home.

This cold, lifeless backdrop serves as the base that all further memories branch from, but it is more than that. It is a stern reminder of what the Shodai sacrificed in order to give their future children a chance at survival.

For the young pilots this is the only image of their homeworld they have, a planet splintered in three with a lifeless blue hue emitting from where their Sun once was. The once tall buildings of the advanced civilization have been reduced to rubble and debris.

Every pilot is reminded of this lesson for there are none simpler nor any of more relevanceβ€¦β€œSurvive”

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