The Paths

Chapter 1: Behold The All

This planet is said to have been carved from the tapestry of the universe. For those blessed enough to walk amongst its surface, it is the absolute truth, for this is the sacred world where we commune with The All.

Before the war, this shrine was restricted to the most devout of its followers. So few were considered worthy, it was rumored that this world may not even be real. That was, before the war. We would find that as the stars continued to dim, we would eventually have to adopt new philosophies. While many were resistant, we understand that our duty must not fall second to tradition. So, we opened our doors to those who would kneel in reverence.

My fellow Sages understand the uncertainty that lies ahead of us, perhaps better than most. We dedicate ourselves to The All, a realm of mystical energy that blankets our universe unseen. Its touch can be found in everything and everyone. Yet, it is more than a source of power. It is a gift and a mystery.

In order to return the power it has lent us, it is we, Sages, who dedicate ourselves to The All. Returning the universe unto itself. Given as a gift and made into our salvation, we come to return the power resting within the Everglyph.

[to be continued]

Chapter 2: Reaching Into The Beyond

Many do not know the well of power from which we borrow so frequently. Their ignorance is their bliss.

The first time we made contact with The All, we were young, naive, and unprepared. We have since grown. Centuries have granted us understanding, and with it, we have learned to speak to it in whispers.

The pilots that work with these noble Everai have learned these methods. Using the whispers have allowed them to reach into this endless well of power. As a result, we have formed bonds and partnerships with the souls from within.

At first, it proved difficult for these sacred souls needed an anchor to remain within this realm. We harnessed the power of the Asterstones to bind them here. Originally, this union served to give our people insight, but the war called for innovation. We remained unprepared for the sacrifice that would follow.

[to be continued]

Chapter 3: Endless Reflections

When we enlist the aid of those within The All, a pact is formed between the two, uniting them in mind and spirit. Giving the souls form was a challenge. It took many years to grasp, however, we came to understand that the Everglyph was the key. We used them to give the spirits bodies: the resulting warriors have been dubbed the Everai.

The artificial bodies we engineered gave those souls a means to protect and fight, and with it, a means for our salvation. A one sided affair, that leaves little to gain for the Everai themselves. Through their grace, we have been able to combat any adversaries that may show. However, this pairing lasts only as long as our warriors.

While there have been instances where Everai have sacrificed their mortal tethers to protect the pilot, it is often the pilot that remains the weakest link. When the pilot perishes, the link is broken, and the two can not exist alone. Finding a perfect match between the soul of the pilot and the soul of the Everai is a difficult feat. Finding multiple matches, nearly impossible. Therefore pilot’s death almost always damns the Everai to an eternity inside the Everglyph.

It is our responsibility that here, we release the trapped souls of the Everai who’s pilots have fallen. It is a somber ritual for a higher purpose. The shards are shattered. The soul is released.

We can not reach all the trapped and forgotten souls, but we trust that the few that slip through our grasp find new meaning in the will of The All.


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