The In-Between

β€œI have lived many lives but I would give the rest of mine for one more with you my friend.”

Chapter 1: The Reluctant Guardian

These Shodai are arrogant creatures. They reach into our domain and shout into the void, beckoning us to join their war. Some of us have joined them in their pursuits, yet I have remained unmoved by their pleas.

Many have come to us seeking fame or glory on the battlefield, with stories all the same. β€œHelp me save my world.” A simple statement which resonates with my brethren, but not I. This world they speak of, it is beneath my gaze, and I often find myself asking them, β€œwhy is it worth saving at all?”.

Time and time again, I’ve turned away these Shodai. However, there is one peculiar soul amongst them. I’ve never encountered one this young. Curious little thing...

This Shodai youngling is tiny and fragile compared to the others that have come before it. It is likely to perish if it ends up bonding with one of the less competent spirits here. Still, it is surprising that one so young could even whisper into our realm.

It beckons to us, its pleas echo throughout our realm. Like a lone seed scattered into the tempest. I have heard its request to enlist my strength in order to protect their loved ones… Admirable.

As… captivating as this child is, I am not to be made a slave to any organics. I wish it well in its journey, but I shall remain within The All.

[to be continued]

Chapter 2: A Trusted Ally

The lives of these Shodai are short, yet vibrant in experiences.

My tomorrow is years of their time. The days pass by seamlessly, while I remain unaffected by time. The same can not be said for the child. I find myself in the presence of a now capable warrior. The child, once a seed, has now grown and blossomed into a beautiful garden, nourished by experience.

I am thankful I did not deny them. Our time spent together has shown me the kindness that these creatures are capable of. Often I find myself at odds with their compassionate ways, for there is no greater accomplishment than victory yet they pride themselves on helping others.

A strange concept.

Despite my best efforts to guide them, however, they have suffered loss, pain, and sorrow. I find my shame reflected in each of their scars. My companion assures me that they are but lessons seared onto the flesh. With a smirk, they dispel my concerns and assure me that they are fine.

It is refreshing to see the years have not changed them. Somehow, they remain as optimistic and head strong as days past. I cannot help but find myself reminded of the finite lives of their kind.

[to be continued]

Chapter 3: Old Friends

Death is a concept I am unfamiliar with. Perhaps I once existed. Perhaps I never did.

Is this what comes after?

My friend is gone, and I am left feeling empty.

I still recall our first encounter. When you came to me, bright eyed and filled with hope. You have fought valiantly through the years to overcome every obstacle with determination and vigor. Your noble goal moved people and turned the tides of battles.

I have existed for many lives, but I would give them all for one more life with you my friend.

I will carry on your goal and do as you entrusted me to. I will watch over your lineage and protect them from any harm. I will bring them a world without war. Without loss.

Farewell little flower.


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